Nintendo Entertainment System Now Ships With a Zapper Gun


Everyone loves to shoot things. This simple fact is part of the reason why video arcades are packed with games with gun controllers. Now Nintendo has decided it’s time to bring this innovation to people’s homes. The more expensive version ($249) of Nintendo Entertainment System comes with an electronic light gun called the Zapper. This futuristic-looking device resembles something out of Star Wars movie – the design goes really well with the ultra-cool looks of the NES itself. As a controller, the Zapper is really responsive. One really gets the feeling of shooting a real gun.

The game we tried was called Duck Hunt. The goal of the game is, simply enough, to shoot ducks that are flying past on the screen. The player gets three shots for every duck and after the shooting is done, points are given accordingly depending on his/her accuracy. As a single-player game Duck Hunt soon becomes a bit tedious. As a multiplayer experience it is a whole different beast, however. We ended up having tremendous fun competing against each other for points.


Your shooting in Duck Hunt is aided by this friendly dog.

That said, Duck Hunt still suffers from the fact that it really feels more like a bundled “filler” game more than something one would go and buy for a full price, especially judged against the superb Super Mario Bros. That said, as a demonstration of what the Zapper can do it more than delivers. Plus there’s no denying that having a light gun at home is simply awesome.

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